Private taxi apps to be investigated

Looks like the first task of the new transport minister Mr Khaw would be to tackle car sharing apps such as uber.

I do know of friends whom are doing such work as a part time and i do think there are some that need the extra cash but it is not much of a surprise as this would affect the rental rate for the legal taxi vendor such as comfort del gro etc (whom by the way got to monopolize the market after the government made it illegal for private taxi to operate).

Hopefully the changes wont affect the side income of those whom need it.

You can read more on the news below:

SINGAPORE – The Ministry of Transport (MOT) will look into private car-sharing apps such as uberX to ensure a “level playing field” for taxi operators. The review, to be undertaken by Senior Minister of State for Transport Ng Chee Meng, will be in… Credits: Transport ministry to study private car-sharing apps: Khaw

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