What if your husband was gay?

If you ever wonder what be worst than your husband having an affair. Well how about your husband having an affair with another man. Yes! Can you imagine it? your husband getting kinky with a man!

Frankly the thought of that sickens me but that is what has happened to a friend of mine while their family is out stationed in Singapore. When finney called me in the middle of the night that was one of the last thing i expected to hear. We had suspected for sometime that her husband was having an affair and as such hired a Singapore private investigator to help us with the investigation.

Honestly the result’s given shocked us all. The investigator came back to us with pictures of her husband getting smoochy with another man and honestly when she sent me those photos via whatsapp it kind of got me sick. Below is another video of someone whom has gone through the same problem.

Frankly, this is something i wish will never happen to anyone i know again.

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