My shop recently had some problems with the glass swing door and honestly i was afraid that it might come smashing down anytime! We had our regular handyman repair the door before but it lasted less than a few days and the problem occurred again to which he told us we have to change the entire door! The cost of such full glass door isn’t cheap and the owner of the place insist that we have to pay for it since we were the one that got it damaged.

Did a search online via Google for someone to help me and came across the site www.singaporedoorrepair. A technician called Derrick answered the phone and promptly sent down a team to the shop to access the situation for $20.

The technician that arrived was called Uncle Swee and boy were we glad he is the one that came down. Upon looking at the door he told us that the 1. the alignment has some problem which he will try to rectify and 2. he suspect the mechanism holding the door is damaged but cannot be sure till he dismantle the system. He gave the us the price for the first part and as for the 2nd part he had to be sure before quoting.

So we agreed to the price he gave and he started the work. After a while, this is what we found to be the problem:



As you can see the top portion has totally broken down into 2 pieces! How on earth it happened i am unsure. Anyway i was worried. Would the repair cost me above 1k? this look pretty expansive. I guess Uncle Swee can sense the fear in my words when i asked him the price or maybe he is just that nice as he told me he himself is unsure of the price on hand and would have to check with the office and told me to not worry too much.

After 30 minutes of communication we finally got a price for the entire work and it is less than what i had thought. The work frankly does indeed look troublesome as 1. to replace the part the entire glass door have to brought down. A supervisor and another younger chap came down and it took 3 of them to remove the glass door. I was slightly worried when they told me about the removal as i had read articles of glass shattering



With this in mind while waiting for the additional manpower, i had a chat with Uncle Swee and he told us that such things sometimes also cannot control as the edge of such glass are pretty sensitive but they will do their utmost care when removing the glass. At this point i cant stress how much i appreciate his experience and service attitude from the start.

Finally the glass door was removed, parts changed and the entire door put back with alignment corrected. The whole process took almost an entire afternoon but see how they had to be slow and careful since it involved glass and the sweat on their faces and t shirt after the work is done, i gave the team a small amount of tip so that they can take a break at the nearby coffeeshop.

Anyway you can contact Uncle Swee and Derrick at this website: http://www.singaporedoorrepair.com/


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