Infant Milk: Providin more choices and proper marketing guideline

I do agree with this. Our child is so precious to us and we should not leave any loopholes , if any, for scrupulous organization to take advantage.

Hope this letter is headed by the authorities in charge.

Providing more choices and ensuring the availability of accurate information is key to protecting the rights of consumers, in this case well-meaning parents who want the best for their young children, argues Sun Xueling. Credits: Commentary: Infant milk formula needs fair pricing and appropriate marketing

Open concept kitchen

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Tension rising in South China Sea Again?

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Is Singapore still as safe as it used to be?

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Worker Party: The Political Power Within

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Private taxi apps to be investigated

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Rally in Singapore: Pink dot

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MH370 Update as at June 26

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Confusion still even after more than 2 months…

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